The Buying and Selling Process


  • Decides that it is time to purchase a home.
  • Discusses the financial issues with a lender, get the pre-qualification or pre-approval letter.
  • Has a “Buyer Counseling” meeting.
  • Signs a Buyer Agency Agreement.
  • Decides on the wants and needs of the new home.
  • Researches potential neighborhoods and goes to see houses that are on the market in those areas.
  • Finds their “potential new” home, and meets their Real Estate Agent to write an offer.


  • Decides that it is time to sell their home.
  • Interviews Real Estate Agents.
  • Signs a Listing Agreement.
  • Makes the necessary updates and repairs to get top value for their home.
  • The agent will market the home (internet, paper, magazines, Multi Listings).
  • Home gets listed in the MLS and marketed by the listing agent.
  • Reviews any offer(s) that they have received: decides to accept, reject or counter the offer(s).

After Contract Ratification

  • Loan Application.
  • Buyer makes inspections.
  • Appraisal of the home.
  • Title Search done by the settlement attorney.
  • Loan Approval.
  • Settlement/Closing Day (closing papers signed).
  • Funds are available to the seller.
  • Settlement attorney takes documents to be recorded.

Buyer Moves In

  • Seller moves out before settlement (unless other arrangements have been made.)